Programming and concept design for a Site Development Study for a 5 acre brownfield site near the downtown business district. Situated between the Muskoka River and the train tracks, this underutilized site was under the jurisdiction of both CN Rail and The Ministry Of Natural Resources.

Extensive consultation with owners as well these authorities plus Town staff and politicians garnered extraordinary support for this development.

Planned uses included Festive Retail, an outdoor Farmers’‘ Market, a Railway & Logging Museum, Brew Pub and mixed use residential & commercial space all over a 2 level structured parking garage.

The architecture of the concept harkens back to the traditional forms of the very well preserved downtown core of Bracebridge.


Bob has proven to be both an excellent designer and equally important and more so is his ability to understand and deal effectively with project approvals. This task demands much more than simply providing a design solution but also a gift for leading officials to the desired solution and often helping them to interpret their own regulations. This skill requires a lof of intuitive creativity and this is of huge value in getting projects approved.
— J. Wylie Freeman - President, Tocan Associates Inc.