419 Artist's Co-Op
Toronto, Ontario


Planning and design and construction documents for a 30 unit Artists’ residence to be constructed in a renovated 1910 Livery Stable. Live-work space, featuring loft style studios, high ceilings, large windows and exposed timber structure as well as community and gallery/exhibition spaces completed the program.

The new third floor units featured private balconies, cathedral ceilings and sleeping mezzanines. Structured parking was provided under the excavated rear portion of the existing building.

This project was undertaken in conjunction with the Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto.



The firm of A. Robert Murphy Architect Inc. is acting as Architect to the 419 Artists’ Co-op. This is an unusual project that will create live-work spaces for artists in an existing industrial building. The Architect has been supportive of and helpful in winning approval for this concept. The service provided has been excellent and it has been a pleasure to work with them. I am happy to recommend them.
— Douglas Young - Development Consultant, Cooperative Housing Federation of Toronto Inc.